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How to Style a Cardigan?

Are you a fashion freak? It is a common misconception that men always like to keep things classy or don’t care about fashion. The truth is that they do care about appearances and follow fashion trends. A common way to style during the fall is wearing mens cardigans

It is a versatile piece of fashion that allows you to style yourself in various ways. It is undoubtedly not the same as wearing different shades of denim. With cardigans, you can feel different and appear different. Whether you’re styling for an office, a family gathering, or a blind date, a men’s cardigan can complement every look of yours. 

So, to help you out, here are a few tips for styling a cardigan for the falls. Happy Styling!

Find the Proper Fit That is Comfortable and Not Too Loose or Saggy.

Have you received a shirt as a gift and found it too loose? The shoulder seams indicate the proper size suitable for a body. If you see them coming below your shoulder slope, then the shirt or sweater you wear is over your size. 

The perfect size of a sweater would have shoulder seams on your shoulder slope, and the bottom hem would be at your waistline instead of covering your trouser pockets. It should hug your body tight enough for it not to create a sag when you bend forward. 

If you are aiming for a casual street look and want a loose fit for a cardigan, you can get an oversized shawl collar. That appears more sleek and stylish on men than the loose fit cardigans. You will stay warm and comfy and still ace that fashion trend.

Keep It Casual with An Oversized Cardigan.

Every man’s cardigan brings the best out of his appearance when he wears it in the right fit. As previously mentioned, wearing a shawl collar with a thinner cardigan is always on top of the trends. However, you can also go for chunky wool that appears like oversized cardigans.

The rule of thumb is to aim for loose fit cardigans with a snugglier fit. And the great news is that you can apply this trick to regular sweaters as well. Plus, if you learn the game of wearing baggy knits without appearing like you’re trying too hard will keep you ahead in the trend. 

Sports style cardigans are the best ways to get that athleisure look you want out of fall and winter wear. Australians love to stand out in the crowd, whether in fashion or sports. 

Treat it Like a Button-Down Shirt.

One of the go-to ways to ace that cardigan look among men is to layer it over a thin fabric t-shirt. You can pull the sleeves up and pair them with your best pair of bottoms. Not always do you want to try so hard to look unique for a typical day at work!

Your quick tip to go about it can be keeping the cardigan untucked and leaving the shirt out and tie below. You’ll look pretty cool in it, no kidding!

Wrapping Up

Australians have aced in fashion for generations with notable brands. Mens cardigans are gaining momentum in the fashion world, with trends getting popularized in every corner of the country. Fashion is not versatile for just women. Men can do a lot about it too!

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