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Jewelry Customization: The Right Choice for a Loved One

When considering gifts for loved ones, jewelry is an option that can’t go wrong. It’s a classy and understated way of expressing affection and something that your recipient is highly likely to use. It’s also perfect for almost all occasions, may it be weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

However, if you’re thinking of picking up the first thing you see from a jewelry store, your gift might not be as good as you think. A study says that more than 51% of its respondents purchase jewelry for themselves. If your present is something that isn’t well thought out, it might remain unused and stored for a long time.

Fret not — here are some tips to remember so that your jewelry gift is something that stays on both the mind and body of your recipient.

Consider the Metal Used

Gold and silver are the metals commonly used in making jewelry. The silver types of jewelry can be sterling silver or silver-filled, with the latter being sturdier than the former. Sterling silver is a popular pick due to its bright luster, but it is one of the softest metals. Gold is also a favored pick, due to its impression of wealth. Similar to sterling silver, it gets softer as its karat gets higher. Choose the gold content level between 14K to 18K to keep your jewelry strong and workable.

Metal choices for jewelry aren’t restricted to gold and metal, though. If you want more scratch-resistant jewelry, consider platinum or titanium rings. Both are durable and tarnish-resistant, with titanium also being hypoallergenic. Jewelry made from these materials will still need maintenance, however. Make sure to keep a few jewelry companies in mind that offer to retouch, clean, and fix jewelry. There are plenty around Utah and all over the country.

Choose Valuable Gemstones

Besides the metal used, another factor that should be considered in choosing jewelry will be the gemstone, if there’s any. The colorful luster it has is both beautiful and eye-catching and is sure to make an impression. Diamonds are a prime choice due to its rarity and pure beauty. It comes in other colors, with red being the rarest variant. Other gem choices are amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and more.

If you want a more personal touch, consider using your recipient’s birthstone for their jewelry. More than just a colorful gem, birthstones have many significant meanings, as a single gemstone is associated with a month. For example, if your receiver is born in July, their birthstone is ruby. Consider having a jewelry piece with a ruby stone created.

Engrave Something Meaningful

For jewelry with broad surfaces, such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets, an engraving might be the right choice. For instance, a swirling flower or wave motif can add texture and depth to your jewelry. You can also use designs that hold meaning to your recipient. A pet lover might be more partial to small paw prints, while someone who loves music will prefer music notes.

The design isn’t restricted to illustrations only. You can put a short yet sentimental message for your giftee or a promise that you want to make. If you’re a couple, you can have both your names carved, along with your anniversary. It is also possible to write coordinates that hold significance for both of you. Jewelry, with these designs, will be memorable and appreciated.

Select a Unique Shape

Bracelets are easy to customize since you can attach various charms to it. For rings and necklaces, fortunately, their designs can have distinctive shapes. An excellent choice would be the recipient’s initials or nickname. A ring can also have a different form that deviates from the typical circle. It can be a single coil or composed of multiple parts.

There are various designs that you can choose for certain pieces of jewelry. Explore all your options so that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Keep your recipient in mind when deciding. In doing so, you can settle on a gift that your recipient is sure to appreciate and enjoy.

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