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Men’s Belt Shopping: 3 Pro Buyer’s Tips

Whether you want to pull off your wedding look or spice up a formal outfit, belts can do the task flawlessly. Often, belts work as a functional accessory, keeping your trousers aligned. However, many men overlook the significance of choosing the right belt. Wrong choices can impact the overall look of your outfit. With men’s belts, you will find versatile options. The first that comes to one’s mind due to their uniqueness and resilience are mens leather belts. Leather has been one marker style for years and still tends to be a vital part of clothing fashion.

How to buy a man’s belt?

According to a recent survey, Australian men spend around $620 million per year on clothing and accessories. Belts of poor quality or a wrong pick can turn highly discomforting. Being one among the few men’s accessories, belts need adequate care when worn and chosen. Whether you want to spice up your formal suit or go casual with a pair of denim trousers, belts can help transform the entire look. Here is a list of factors to look out for and a few quick tips to follow to land on the most appropriate choice,

  1. First, the size!

The width and other dimensions of a men’s belt can affect the look it drives on the waist. Wrong sized belts can break the richness of your outfit. However, when it comes to sizing, remember to size up. Because when you buy adjustable belts with a buckle, you have all the freedom to move down.

 But choosing a perfectly fitting belt can only create discomfort or outgrow your waist in a few months. When it comes to the accuracy with the width, pick formal belts which are around 1/8″ broad. However, informal or casual belts of higher width (more than 1/8″, up to 3/4″) are the best pick.

  1. The Material

Undeniably, the fabric and texture of a belt can do the talking. So, it is significant for one to know the many materials used in belt making. Men’s leather belts are the most durable and stylish option. Despite being robust, mens leather belts are remarkably flexible and do not turn stiff or worn out even after years of usage.

Other options include cotton, heavy plastic, suede, woven fabric, etc. When you choose leather belts, ensure that it is full-grain leather belt. It’s so because they are highly sturdy, come with an even tone finish and last longer than other leather belts.

  1. The buckle style

The buckle pattern can determine the whole look of the belt. To begin with, ensure that the buckle of your belt is well polished and has a fine finish. It’s because the buckle is an accentuated point of your belt and needs extra care and attention.

With style, you have plenty of options. The most common buckle type is the frame-style buckle. Formal men’s belts with a frame buckle are the classic choice. Plate-style buckles are more common among casual men’s belts. You can pick plate buckled belts if you want a longer waist belt. Snap buckles are the modern-age buckle type.

Care tips

Buying the right men’s belt does not end just there. One needs to put care and effort into storing them the right way. Here are a few quick care tips to follow,

  • Ensure cleaning soiled leather belts with warm water to get the stain off.
  • Use a mild leather cleaner or a detergent mixed with warm water for stubborn stains. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe the stain away.
  • It is best to store men’s belts (especially leather waist belts) in a clean, dry travel bag or a belt compartment in your closet.

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