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Shapewear: How to choose a perfect one?

Shapewear is a basic essential that has created a significant impact on the world. It is an undergarment that helps in altering the wearer’s body in an impermanent way. Shapewear helps a person in looking more presentable. Over time, it has become a must-have for every woman.

Types of Shapewear

  • Body Briefs: Resembling everyday panties, body briefs are designed with compression panels. It makes you look flattering and smoothens your abdomen.
  • Long Leg: Long legs provide a smooth appearance to the thighs by controlling its jiggling and bulging.
  • Corset: A corset is often considered as lingerie. It makes the waist look smaller and lifts the busts.
  • Seamless Shapewear: A seamless shapewear helps in avoiding ugly outlines as there is no place for visible seams. They are perfect to be worn under skirts and fitted dresses.
  • Merry Window: A merry window is a strapless type of corset and has a center point present at the bottom of the shapewear.
  • Waist Cinchers: A waist cincher shapewear controls bulges in the midsection. It is very comfortable to wear with front hook closure and multiple adjustments.
  • Camisoles Control: These shapewears help in lifting the bust and minimize some fat. They have an in-built shaping pad, panel, underwires which provides a perfect shape to the body.

Tips for choosing a perfect shapewear

While shapewear comes in many variations such as style, colour, strap, etc., it can be a tedious job to choose the one that fits your requirements perfectly. The following tips will guide you in knowing which shapewear you need to buy next.

Be attentive on the size you want

Buying shapewear of a smaller size will not add firmness to your shape but will only enhance your discomfort. It is vital to get a perfect size that will provide an ideal shape and fits you the best. It is even essential to maintain hygiene and comfort that you only get from the type that perfectly fits you. You can find the perfect shapewear according to your body type and requirement at ajio online shop.

Cotton Blended Shapewear? Cool!

While most of the shapewears are made of spandex and nylon, cotton shapewears are more breathable and sweat friendly. Shapewears made of nylon and spandex are more suitable for cold climates and winter months.

All-Over Shaping Bodysuits are a Must

All-over bodysuits give a streamlined shape from head-to-toe. They carry a “chest-flattening’ effect that suits women who want to minimize larger chests. It also saves the effort required to find a separate top and bottom shapewear pieces.

Want a Smooth line through your Torso? High-Waist Might Help You

High-waisted shorts and skirts help in giving your torso a smooth line. While some high-waist shapewears reach up to the bra line, they add shape and style to your look.

Choose a Suitable Constriction

The fabric of your shapewear determines the shaping level of your shapewear. The higher the content of nylon in your shapewear, the more one can alter its shape. Light-weighted shapewears are meant to smoothen some targeted spots in your figure. The heavy ones are intended to add a definitive shape to your body. Usually, they are highly compressed and have strong constriction that leads to a total transformation of your figure.

Consider your Dress Fabrication

Choose shapewear that enhances your body shape in the best way possible. Shapewears that have no seams are of higher quality. There will be no visible lines under your dress and will give you a smooth look.

The above article provides the necessary information that you need to know if you are looking forward to buying shapewear. Nowadays, shapewear comes in many variations, which makes it difficult for a person to choose among. For every requirement, different shapewears are available. Thus, the tips mentioned above will help you in understanding which shapewear is the best for you.

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