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Tips To Select The Perfect Nail Polish To Use

It can be a struggle to choose the right nail polish to use. This is particularly true given that the user needs to consider several things upon choosing the most appropriate colour among all vegan non-toxic nail polish colours available in the market. These things include the occasion, the shape of your nails, style, and even skin tone.

Thus, most people tend to choose their favourite shade all over again or choose the trend without considering the essential factors. To guide your way to manicure perfection, check the five essential tips below that you can apply on your search for the right nail polish for you:

Your Makeup

The colour of your nail polish and make up can either make or break you. What you need is to aim for a good type of attention. Hence, don’t match your nail polish and makeup in a way that you look old-fashioned. The catch here is that you do not want to look tacky as much as possible.

Though it’s fine to aim for a matchy-matchy look, it’s still important to do it right. If you do this well, it can make you appear well put together. So, if you plan to wear dark makeup, match it with your nails by coating them with a shade of darker nail polish. You can also wear a similar shade of nail polish and lipstick.

Your Skin Tone

It’s vital to match your vegan non-toxic nail polish to your skin tone. You have probably seen a shade or colour that looks great on your friend. But when you try it, it does not seem to translate and complement well on you. In this case, try to ask yourself whether you have considered the difference in your complexion. Remember that depending on the skin tone of the user, colours may appear mismatched or washed out. Hence, complexion must be the first thing that you need to consider.

The Occasion

Remember to consider where you plan on wearing the nail polish. It would be quite strange to look so glammed yet completely out of place. So, you have to select your nail polish colours based on the occasion you’re attending. Think about what you’ll be doing throughout the day.

If you want to hang out in the mall, then you can wear any bubbly and fun colours that you prefer. For a night out, you can try silver, bronze, or gold for a daring look. However, if you have a business meeting or interview, it’s best to shift to the safe side and wear neutral nail polish colours instead.

The Season

Choosing the most appropriate nail polish colour can also depend on what season you’re in. It would be great when your colour of choice complements the time of the year. For instance, you can try painting your nails with darker shade during winter, bright and fun neon hues for summer, pastel colours this spring, and neutrals and nudes in autumn.


With the wide range of options, selecting the perfect nail polish colour for yourself can be a fun process of getting pretty and pampered. Remember the tips you learned above, and you will surely choose the perfect nail polish shade for you.

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