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Top Considerations for Your First Fur Coat

Shopping for fur coats is no small task. There are plenty of things to consider, like function, cost, material, durability and, of course, personal style and preference, all of which may determine what you end up coming home with. Finding everything you want in a single coat can be a daunting task, but as you begin to understand more about fur designers and clothing items, the more comfortable you’ll become shopping around. These considerations can help you bring home your favorite coat yet.


First and foremost, a fur coat should last. The more money you put into a coat, the more durable it should be, but that’s not always the case. Knowing how to look for a durable coat is key when making an investment this big. If you’re worried you might be looking at faux fur, take a closer inspection of the coat. Feel for soft, tender fur, and look to see that there is an undercoat of fur, creating hairs of different lengths; faux fur will feel grittier and have hairs of about the same length.


Unlike other fur items, one of a coat’s most important aspects is purely functional: does it keep you warm when you step out on a cold, snowy evening? If you aren’t interested in staying warm, you can opt for furs that don’t have undercoats — the warmest part of the coat. If you’re more concerned about appearance, take a look at coats that have a long outer fur layer or coats where the hair has been shortened to the underfur — you may like those the most. Thinking about how you intend to use the coat is the ideal way to determine what kind to get.


No matter what coat you go with, you’re sure to make an elegant appearance at any event. However, you have a wide variety of style choices to pick from when it comes to design. Some designs are true attention-grabbers, particularly those with longer hairs for that extra flair. Others are more subtle but no less fashionable, like short jackets with a fur lining. Deciding how you want to appear is just as important as function, so take your time when shopping for a coat that you hope to wear often.


You need to take your budget into account when searching for a fur coat. It can help to sit down and create one before you even begin shopping (that way you won’t get carried away as you scroll through hundreds of amazing coats online). Establishing a budget early can help get the most out of your money, while learning about the general cost of furs as you search. If money becomes an issue, start smaller; instead of a full fur coat, go with a coat that is simply fur-lined. Once you get an idea of the average cost of your favorite coats, you can plan and save for one in the future.

Kinds of Furs

Certain furs work better than others depending on the situation. If you’re aiming for warmth, a mink or beaver coat is the way to go. If you want something stylish but without the extra weight, try fox or chinchilla. Sealskin is a fantastic option for rainy and damp climates, as it has natural waterproofing. For durability, nothing beats mink, beaver and marten.

Once you’ve purchased your first fur coat, you may find it’s hard to go back to anything else. At ML Furs, you can find plenty of luxury fur coats within your budget and style. Best of all, you can continue to shop for the latest designs and the next year’s hottest fur trends.

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