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Fashion Dos and Don’ts’s of 2022

Fashion is a tricky subject to get right. One thing something is hot, all over the magazines and flying off the racks in all the high-street shops, to in the next breath, appearing on meme sites, being ridiculed and suddenly that item isn’t stocked in shops anymore. Thankfully, celebrity culture keeps us in the know when it comes to fashion trends- and when the likes of Kim Kardashian or Doja Cat begin rocking a new item, suddenly we all must have it. The peculiar thing about fashion though, is that it often comes around in a very cyclical way, as now, in 2022, we see trends from the 1990s and 2000s re-emerging, and become a huge part of mainstream culture again. So, with this in mind, as the spring season approaches and it’s time to ditch the heavy winter coats and books, here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top fashion dos and don’ts’s of 2022 so far- and what you need in your wardrobe this spring.

DO: Wear Oversized Clothing:

Unless you’re going for a job interview, or a wedding- then ditch the tailored garments! Thanks to the likes of Rihanna, oversized clothes have become the epitome of trendy. And no, we don’t mean garments that make you look boxy or frumpy, but simply buying a size up on your regular clothing items. A big silhouette is very in fashion this spring, perhaps an oversized t-shirt with some fitted denim shorts?

Don’t: Keep Wearing Bell Sleeves:

Bell sleeves came back in fashion for a hot second, with that 70s inspired fashion making a return to the high streets. While most people loved the retro return to fashion, thankfully, we have seen the last of bell sleeves. Not only are they quite limiting in terms of styling an outfit, but they are also impractical when you need to wash up etc., so thankfully, it’s a no from us.

Do: Wear a One-Colour Outfit:

While we still love a neutral colour palette that is full of beiges, creams and tans- this spring its all about the bold colours! And we’re not just talking about one bright garment. This spring, go the full hog and wear a head-to-toe outfit that is all one colour.

Don’t: Wear Embellished Jackets:

Embellished jackets had their moment thanks to the Hadid sisters, but as of 2022, it’s time to let them go and add a simple jacket to your wardrobe that can go with most things. However, like every other fashion trend, it will probably come around again in the next few years so it’s worth keeping hold of your jackets.

Do: Start Wearing Sequins:

If you think sequins and sparkles are just for Christmas, you’re wrong! As of 2022, we’re going to be wearing sequins all year round- but this time with minimal accessories. If you want to wear a stand-out piece of clothing, just make sure it’s sequined!

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