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Christening gowns for kids

A brief history of christening gowns Historically, when baptizing an infant, swaddling bands got used. With time, total immersion of infants became a requirement during baptism. Due to that, christening gowns advanced since a kid had to…

Tips on Accessorizing Your Colorful Durags

Durags are silk or satin cloth caps that help make hair wavy or kinky. It works to retain styles that have been cut or gelled into your hair. However, you can use them just for style the same way you use a hat. In the fashion industry…

A Quick Guide to Salon Booth Rental

There are more than 300,000 hairstylists and cosmetologists in the United States. And not all of them work in big salons. No, there are plenty of independent stylists who opt instead to rent a booth and build a name for themselves in the…